SAWS - Annual Irrigation Checkup

Annual Irrigation Checkup
Required Annual Irrigation Checkups Can Contribute to Water Savings

In an effort to maximize year-round water conservation efforts, the San Antonio City Council passed a water conservation ordinance addressing a variety of water conservation opportunities.

One of the provisions included in the ordinance requires that properties 5 acres or larger and properties defined as Large Use (properties that used over 1 million gallons of water for irrigation in the prior calendar year) with in-ground irrigation systems submit an annual irrigation checkup to the San Antonio Water System Conservation Department by May 1 each year.

1) Failure to Comply Charges

Beginning in 2016, failure to comply with the annual irrigation checkup requirement by May 1 will result in the assessment of the following additional charges on the account associated with the irrigation system:

(a) Annual enforcement fee in the amount of $157.42 (new fee amount effective January 1, 2019). This fee shall be assessed on an annual basis until the requirements of the checkup have been met.

(b) Additional volumetric rate of $.02019 per 100 gallons (new rate effective January 1, 2019) on all irrigation consumption on a monthly basis beginning after the May 1 deadline. This additional rate shall continue to be assessed until the requirements of the checkup have been met.

These charges will be assessed on all accounts associated with the irrigation system. Any accounts associated with irrigation not documented on the submittal of the Online Irrigation Checkup Form will be assessed the additional charges.

2) Top Users Must Submit Irrigation System Analysis Forms

Properties with irrigation consumption over 2.5 million gallons in the previous calendar year must submit copies of the Irrigation System Analysis Form before May 1 in addition to submittal of the Online Irrigation Checkup Form to complete the compliance process.

The Irrigation System Analysis form requires documentation of the irrigation schedule, identification and action taken for maintenance issues, and calculation of the peak season estimated monthly total consumption based on representative zone GPMs and total run times provided by the irrigator.

SAWS will mail courtesy letters that will notify properties they are a Top User and are required to submit the Irrigation System Analysis Forms by May 1 to meet compliance. Properties can also contact SAWS Conservation to confirm if a specific property meets the Top User requirement.

3) Approved Compliance Actions for Critical Maintenance Issues

All critical maintenance issues identified during the checkup inspection must be addressed by one of the following approved compliance actions for the property to meet compliance (Turning off an individual zone(s) or entire system is not an approved compliance action).

(a) Repairs Made

(b) Individual Zone(s) Permanently Disabled

(c) Entire System Permanently Disabled

Note: SAWS Conservation offers a rebate for the permanent disabling of individual
zone(s) or the entire irrigation system. The irrigation system must be inspected prior to removal to qualify for the rebate.

4) Annual Checkup Exemption

Properties must be verified to have a permanently disabled irrigation system to be cleared from the irrigation checkup requirement. A site inspection will be required to complete the compliance process. The deadline for compliance and avoiding the rate and fee will not be extended if the site inspection is not completed by May 1. You must allow at least three weeks to schedule your inspection with SAWS Conservation in order to avoid the failure to comply rate and fee.

Properties must submit the Online Irrigation Checkup Form to meet compliance with the annual irrigation checkup requirement.



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